What the Heck Does Central Street Neighbors Do?

Many organizations have "mission statements." I far prefer, as a reveal to what a group is about, some idea of what it actually does. To that end, I scanned some notes, and here's a sampling of activity of the Central Street Neighbors Association over the years:

All Evanston Should Respect Stadium Neighbors’ Objections

The Central Street Master Plan and its implementing ordinance were designed to keep the neighborhood welcoming, walkable, and liveable. The American Planning Association honored this in naming Central Street one of the “Great Places in America,” that combines “an edgy urban vibe with a small-town pace and sensibility.” Such an asset generates value for all of Evanston. The Central Street Neighbors Association (CSNA) has worked for years to preserve the viability and human scale of the area, to amplify the neighborhood’s character and strengths, and to promote liveability and sustainability.

May 17th Community Conversation on Zoning -Purpose- Process-Impact

Central Street Neighbors Association is hosting a community conversation on the purpose, process and impact of zoning and our community. The Good, The Bad, and the Need to Know.  

In addition to the  zoning discussion, there will be an overview of Northwestern University's 3 zoning chage requests in the U2 district at 1500 Central Street. 

1.)- to rezone 37+ acres of U2 property on Central Street (where the Ryan Stadium and Welsh Ryan Arena other athletic facilities) for commercial purpose. 2.) - to Rebuild Ryan Stadium 3)  - to secure liquor licenses


Mandatory Reading for City Officials before Voting on Ryan Field-City Code, Comprehensive Plan and Central Street Master Plan.

Contrary to how it sometimes seems that our city operates, we do have a zoning code, a comprehensive plan and the Central Street Master plan, all which are Evanston's guiding documents to run the city. These documents are more than suggestions, they provide guardrails. Today the Evanston Rountable posted an article on elected officials' opinions on 1) zoning variances for building the stadium to become a 10 story facility and 2) changing the zoning uses in the U2  District (University District).


League of Women Voters District 65 Candidates Forum

The League of Women Voters of Evanston will conduct a forum for candidates running for the District 65 School Board in the upcoming April 4 Consolidated Election on Saturday, March 18 at the Morton Civic Center in the Council Chambers. The school board candidate forum will start at 1:00 p.m. Aforum for 9th ward city council  candidates will follow.

Sunday, March 19th is the last day for online registration. Early voting begins Monday, March 20th.


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