Evanston Candidate & Political Writings

We've invited candidates for Evanston mayor and for alderman in our area to post here. So far, this is a list of those who've posted (also including one candidate for township assessor); clicking on their link should give you a list of what they've posted on this website. And just for kicks, we've tossed in a link to Jeff Smith's blog posts, even though he's not running for mayor or alderman.

Liz Tisdahl (Mayor)
Chris Hart (Ald. 6th)
Mark Sloane (Ald. 6th)
Mark Tendam (Ald. 6th)
Jane Grover (Ald. 7th)
John Zbesko (Ald. 7th)
Sharon Eckersall (Township Assessor)
Jeff Smith (CSNA President)