Capital Planning - saying one thing and doing something else!

It appears the council will now be holding a special meeting next week - on "water and sewer rate,capital and Revenue Opportunites" - after their illegal meeting held at the water plant on Feb 12th which the public could not attend. It appears to me the council members and city staff may have met in private to discussion what water and sewer increases they should approve and how they can justify it to the public since they had the tour of the plant.

Christopher Hart Web Site Launch

It is with excitement that we inform you of our campaign web site launch – you can access it at

City Planning and Economic Development: Four immediate actions

The Master Plans of the City of Evanston are meant to reflect collaborative planning with citizens, businesses and institutions -  a concept integral to the City’s culture.

Another Illegal Meeting by City Council members against the public interest!

On Thursday Feb.12th the City Council members went on a tour of the Evanston Water Plant the notice was posted on the City web site,
On Wednesday Feb 11th I called the water plant and asked where I could park when I would come on the tour, given this was a meeting all council members were attending I viewed it open to the public under the open meetings act.

City Budget: Six immediate actions the incoming Council must take

The current City Council has approved a budget that projects a small General Fund surplus without a property tax increase.

But getting there required actions that will dominate the agenda of the Council to be elected on April 7th:


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