Don't Sell Harley Mansion or Lake Front Property

 No Sale of Public Parks and Lake Front Property- Selling the Harley Clarke Mansion and approx 40,000-100,000 sq ft of Lake Front land would be detrimental to Evanston.  Lakefront property is a finite, irreplaceable natural asset that, once gone, cannot be reclaimed.  Evanston must maintain ownership and control of land and properties it owns, especially on and near the lakefront. These are public treasures, once lost, and are gone forever. We should guard and treasure what little lakefront the community owns. The Harley-Clarke Mansion site is no exception.



6th Ward police beat meeting tonight

All residents and business members are encouraged to attend the Evanston Police Department’s Problem Solving Team (PST) at tonight's 6th Ward beat meeting. This is the first of what will be regularly scheduled meetings held throughout the City's wards.

Attendees will hear from three or more officers including Commander Jason Parrott and Officer Loyce Spells. The meeting will last an hour to an hour and a half.

PST Beat 606 Meeting (6th Ward)
Tonight, April 23, 7:00 p.m.
Curt's Café, 2922 Central St.

For D202: Livingston, Holt, Bezaitis, Graham

[note: this is a personal blog entry and not the opinion or position of the Central Street Neighbors Association, which has made no endorsements].

Unlike one recent election where not enough candidates even filed to fill the slots, this year's District 202 [ETHS] school board matchup is the marquee attraction in Evanston, with eight contenders for four seats. This largely reflects the ongoing dustup over changes made and proposed to the school's storied Honors program, but there's more at stake than that.

Chase Proposal for Crawford/Gross Point still pending

A ZBA hearing for the proposed Chase at Crawford and Gross Point is expected to be announced later this month or in April.

The latest plan presented to the City requested a major zoning variance for the setback on Gross Point Road, a special use permit for a drive-through, and approval for use of the adjacent residential property as the bank driveway and parking lot.

We will update you with news as we learn more.

Calling all 6th Ward families

Evanston Fire & Life Safety Services will be hosting an open house to show off our new "green" engine. The open house will be held from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 23, 2013.

Everyone is invited to join Fire Chief Klaiber and me to get a first-hand look at Engine 25 which will be responding to calls from Fire Station 5 at 2830 Central Street. Station 5 was the first LEED certified fire station in Illinois, so it is an appropriate home for the City’s first “green” engine.


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