Details: Live Q&A with Councilmember Eleanor Revelle Tonight

A reminder that tonight, Thursday, Sept.

CSNA Forum with Councilmember Revelle 9/21/2023

Dear Neighbors,

This coming Thursday, Sept. 21, at 7:30 pm, the Central Street Neighbors Association will host a live Q&A with Councilmember Eleanor Revelle, who represents our 7th Ward in northeast Evanston, at the Evanston Art Center, 1717 Central St., Evanston. As always, much is happening in Evanston, including the Central Street neighborhood, and as with our successful sessions with Mayor Daniel Biss and 6th Ward Councilmember Tom Suffredin, we expect a lively exchange covering many important topics.
Doors will open at 7:00 pm and the program will begin at 7:30, to be concluded no later than 9:00 pm. CSNA President Jeff Smith will interview Councilmember Revelle; time permitting, there may be opportunity for audience questions following. CSNA members are encouraged to send us, ahead of time, subjects or questions you’d like to see covered.
Our room at the Art Center for this event has seating, sufficient to accommodate our typical turnout, but we will attempt to set up a live stream or at least a recorded version for those who cannot attend in person, or in the event we reach capacity. Please watch your e-mail and the CSNA website for more details.
Questions and suggested subjects can be emailed to:

CSNA Rocks Evanston 4th


On the 4th of July, a quartet of local musicians, performing as "Foolish Things," surfed the Central Street Neighbors Association truck-float while delighting the huge parade crowd along Central Street with some tasty classic rock selections. Central Street Neighborhood residents Matt Storkman and Jeff Smith provided lead vocals and bass, respectively, while Matt Sobczyk and Holly Shapiro of Morton Grove, on loan from Rent Party, graciously added guitar and drums. CSNA has provided live music for the public in every Evanston 4th of July parade held since 2007.

Zoning process changes matter

Over last weekend, CSNA learned of a potentially significant change to Evanston law lurking in an obscure agenda item of the Rules Committee. A legal department memo proposed concepts ranging from bypassing the Planning and Development Committee altogether for certain zoning decisions (such as granting special uses and variations, or approving large projects called planned developments), to preventing the City Council from reviewing the Land Use Commission decisions at all, requiring anyone dissatisfied to go to court. CSNA, after polling its Board, urged hitting the pause button on this. My individual remarks prepared for the Committee are as follows.

My comments to Rules Committee Mon. July 17, 2023 regarding zoning approval process memo

"Mayor Biss, Chair Nieuwsma,  Council Members, Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Agenda Item D1 regarding the process for Land Use Commission recommendations. I’m Jim Hughes, 2518 Hartzell St.


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