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A story about cutting taxes

When was the last time you heard of a taxing unit of government that was so efficiently run that it could consider returning some of its tax revenue back to taxpayers? If the amount was only a very small portion of your tax bill, would you still consider it important? Would investing in environmental projects, such as solar energy, be an acceptable alternative use of reserves? At the May 7 public meeting of the North Shore Mosquito Abatement District (NSMAD) Board of Trustees, we will be considering these options. We welcome public input.

Teacher Tenure?

Like many parents with children in the Evanston school systems, I have met many excellent teachers. However, I was also privy to many conversations with other parents about teachers to avoid and indeed, met teachers I felt should've retired or sought another career.
The subject of teacher tenure has been raised by J.B. Rees and nationally has been a Republican issue. I support labor in general, but I feel somewhat conflicted about tenure's local impact upon my children.
What are other Evanstonians opinions about this issue?

Comparison between AT&T and proposed Google internet service

At the CSNA meeting last night, I reported on the nascent effort to bring Google high speed internet investment to Evanston. Many people were concerned about a repeat of the ugly V-RAD boxes littering our parkways. The following is a response from another attendee to the first meeting held 2/23/10.
From Neal Daringer:

What to Do About the Branch Libraries?

Like the NU Wildcats coming back against the Auburn Tigers, Evanston's branch libraries have  survived numerous budgets. But ultimately, the Wildcats lost and the branches most likely will fall to the current budget crisis. Emails are flying back and forth with requests for volunteers and arguments about the valuable services the branches give to our community. The fact remains, however, that the budget for the branches only shows one revenue source- taxpayer dollars.

Lessons Learned

The yard signs are long gone; the new Council has been seated. Detailed voting data is now available from the Cook County Clerk's office. I support Alderman Grover and I offer belated thanks to my supporters. Running for public office is a learning experience and I would like to share my lessons.


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