CSNA 2021 Aldermanic Forum Video

Natural Habitat Evanston Online Presentation on Tuesday, March 9

Pollinator gardens: Transitioning from Turf -  Tuesday March 9, 7:30pm

What can you do that advances climate action, community health and biodiversity?  Do Less.  Find out why a gentler garden clean up and natural gardening is better for you, songbirds and bugs like fireflies, praying mantises, and butterflies.  Natural Habitat Evanston will present and discuss the issues with you. (25 minute presentation; 1 hour total)

2021 Evanston Aldermanic 6th and 7th Ward Candidate Questionnaires

In advance of the March 3, 2021 forum all four candidates for the 6th and 7th Ward aldermanic seats submitted responses to  relatively simple questionnaires from CSNA. The candidate responses may be viewed/downloaded here as PDFs (Adobe Acrobat or Reader or a program that can read .pdf files required):

* incumbent running for re-election

6th & 7th Ward Forum Update - Questions for Aldermanic Forum

Since our forum time will be limited tonight (Wednesday) and we have four candidates responding we will have time for 10-12 questions. We are asking members to please email questions ahead of time to csnaboard9@gmail.com,  That will allow time to screen and combine similar questions. We have already received several questions for consideration.  While the Q&A feature will be available during the webinar we expect that most questions asked live will come from email submissions. So please send your questions to csnaboard9@gmail.com  ahead of the meeting. Questions asked using the Q&A feature and not addressed live will be passed along to the candidates after the meeting so they can answer these via campaign websites and emails as appropriate.

CSNA Wards 6 and 7 Candidate Forum

CSNA will sponsor an on-line forum for the candidates running for alderman in the 6th and 7th wards in the April municipal election.

The forum will be on March 3, 2021 starting at 7:00 PM CST via CSNA's Zoom Webinar facility. The forum should conclude at 8:30 PM.

CSNA Vice President Jeff Smith will moderate. Candidates will be given time for an opening statement. A series of roundtable questions will follow. Candidates will have set times for responses. Candidates will also be given time for a closing statement.


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