Save Live Music at Post 42 Patio

Dear Neighbors,

City Council will vote Monday night on a Special Event Permit for the American Legion Post 42 Patio Events. 

If you value live local music here on Central Street please write your alderman and ask them to support the permit, or let them know your position.

Post 42 is unique. For many years it has collaborated with Blue Grass Chicago to provide one of the best indoor Blue Grass venues in Chicago.  Building on that tradition Post 42 has remodeled the patio area to support a COVID compliant outdoor event space delivering local entertainment to local residents and benefiting local veteran programs ... a triple 'Win' at a time when we all need some safe entertainment.

Please write your alderman and let them know your position on SAFE live local music at Post 42.

The agenda Item is A5 on the Consent Agenda

A5.Approval of Special Event: American Legion Post 42 Patio Concerts
Staff recommends approval of the special event permit application submitted by the Evanston American Legion Post 42 to host live music concerts on city property adjacent to the Chandler-Newberger Center. Costs for city services provided for events require a 100% reimbursement from the sponsoring organization or event coordinator. These fees are waived for City events and City co-sponsored Events.
For Action
Approval of Special Event: American Legion Post 42 Patio Concerts

The City Council  9/14 meeting packet information for this agenda item is available here.

Post 42 has provided the following information:


Save Live Music at Post 42 Patio!!!


Please let your Alderman know that live music at Post 42 Patio is important to you - Today!


On September 14th, Evanston City Council will decide
if live music can continue at Post 42 Patio

As always feel free to reach out to us at with any questions or concerns.

Who is Your Alderman?

Click the link below to create a draft email to your Alderman - we encourage you to add your own comments

1st Ward - Judy Fiske
2nd Ward - Peter Braithwaite
3rd Ward - Melissa A. Wynne
4th Ward - Donald N. Wilson
5th Ward - Robin Rue Simmons
6th Ward - Thomas M. Suffredin
7th Ward - Eleanor Revelle
8th Ward - Ann Rainey
9th Ward - Cicely L. Fleming

Here is Who We Are

  • Veteran Focus: 100% of the profits from Post 42 Patio events go to the NFP Evanston American Legion Post 42 programs supporting our local veterans. This summer's revenue allowed for a full renovation of the building interior upstairs, including a new commercial kitchen - come up and see it (a few at a time...)
  • Covid Safety: We have gone to great lengths to provide a safe, family-friendly outdoor music venue, including a robust COVID Safety Plan strictly following CDC guidelines, See Here
  •  Valued Community Neighbors: We appreciate the unique relationship we have had for over 100 years with the City of Evanston and equally respect the needs of our members, patrons, and neighbors. Earlier this summer we offered free movies Mon-Tues, free open mic Wed, and free music Thursdays - all now cancelled to reduce the frequency of events. We have always ended all shows 1 hour prior to the required noise ordinance to be good neighbors (9:00 Sun-Thurs and 10:00 Fri-Sat)

Here is Who We Want To Be

  • We want to continue to bring attention to the sacrifices our local veterans have made for us all and continue to show them our appreciation and support. Come and join us - we want you!
  • Beyond this pandemic, we hope to continue to offer Evanston residents a local place to meet up outdoors and enjoy a sense of community - with friends and neighbors, local live music, some food and a few drinks
  • We appreciate that live music is not a priority for all of us, and want to be respectful of our neighbors. We continue to try and manage the volume of our sound, including the recent purchase of a new (expensive) sound system that allows us to bring more speakers closer to patrons, reducing the overall volume to below 65 decibels at the intersection of Ridge and Lincoln (a passing car can be over 70 decibels).

Here is What You Can Do

  • Contact your Alderman today and thank them for letting the Post 42 Patio exist - in this crazy year of such limited social interaction, the outdoor space at Post 42 Patio has been a great outlet for many of us to safely connect again this summer
  • Evanston is one of the greatest mid-west Cities with a unique and diverse buzz like no other: the families, the schools, the university, the trains, the hospitals, football games, restaurants, and fortunately some live music events (that will end by 9 Sun-Thurs and 10 Fri-Sat) - Thank them for allowing live music events.
  • Forward this to your friends - our email list is still relatively new and pretty small. If you came to a show, or feel this is something worth keeping in Evanston, send it to the others that came with you. Make sure people know that our fate will be decided on September 14th.


(Use this link for the latest show information and tickets: Upcoming Post 42 Patio Events)
  • Sat 9/12 MR. BLOTTO - Limited Tickets Available
  • Fri 9/18 THE BONO BROTHERS - Limited Tickets Available
Absolutely no outside coolers, food or alcohol permitted!
The revenue generated from these events is how we can all support Canal Shores and the Legion

POST 42 PATIO Rules of Engagement

We ask that you please read and follow these rules, and encourage you to share them with friends and family that may plan to visit the POST 42 PATIO throughout the summer. Anyone that does not recognize and value the benefit of these steps for our community should stay home. Anyone that does not respect our other guests and staff by following the rules outlined below will be asked to leave.
Thank you in advance for your patience, cooperation, and understanding as we all endeavor to get through these trying times together…in unity with beer and live music.
Staying Safe – Your Part:

  1. Guests are required to wear a face mask when not at their Patio table or in their Beer Garden space. Masks are also required when entering building for bathroom use.
  2. Social distancing guidelines must be followed at all times.
  3. Walking the grounds other than to the restroom, entering/exiting is prohibited.
  4. Co-mingling, moving/combining furniture is not permitted.
  5. Gathering anywhere outside of your table or space is not permitted.
  6. Any guests that choose not to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave for the safety of our other guests and staff.

Key Changes:

  1. Doors will open at 6:00 on Fridays and Saturdays for events. Please check our website for updates due to inclement weather.
  2. Please enter the area only at the North side of the building / parking lot area. Prior to seating, membership will be verified and we will be doing a customer temperature check. All customers will be escorted from the entrance to their pre-reserved Beer Garden space.
  3. All seating is 100% outside. Seating in the Beer Garden area will be BYOC – Bring Your Own Chair. 
  4. NO CASH SALES. Credit card only. Wait staff will take orders only from patrons in their designated spaces. Creating tabs will be available.
  5. Absolutely no outside food or drinks allowed - NO COOLERS

Staying Safe – Our Part:

  1. Staff members will have a temperature check and are required to inform us if experiencing any symptoms before every shift.
  2. All staff will be required to wear masks.
  3. We will have staff dedicated to cleaning and sanitation at all times.
  4. All Patio tables and Beer Garden spaces have been set 6 feet apart.
  5. All cups and service ware will be 100% disposable.

We sincerely appreciate you taking these precautions seriously. We’ll see you on the Patio and Beer Garden this summer!

  • Mike and Brett

Come support Post 42 as we will continue to have LIVE MUSIC on Friday and Saturday nights spanning genres- BLUES, JAZZ, ROCK, REGGAE and FOLK on The Patio

Show Nights: Doors@ 6 PM, Show 7-10 PM
BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair
1030 Central St at the historic American Legion Hall