Make your voice heard

Join your neighbors to oppose the plan to sell parkland at the lakefront and the historic Harley Clarke Mansion – City Council Meeting July 22, 7:30 p.m.

At its meeting on Monday, July 22, City Council will consider a recommendation that may chart the course of the future of parks and City property. The Council will vote as to whether or not negotiations will continue with Tawani Enterprises to sell lakefront park land and the historic Harley Clarke Mansion for development as a hotel and parking structure.  Central Street Neighbors has taken a position (see separate posting) in opposition to the plan and questioning the process that has been underway that has excluded the public and is inconsistent with City master plans. We urge all Evanstonians to make their voices heard on this important issue. 

CSNA is supporting the efforts of to ensure that public land along Lake Michigan remains as a legacy for generations to come.

Under the current plan – as we understand it - the mansion (the current home of the arts center), located at the Lighthouse Beach, will be sold for development as a 57-room hotel, with the developer also purchasing 2.5 acres of adjacent lakefront parkland as part of the hotel complex that will include an underground parking structure for 200 cars. This will limit public access and decrease public parkland in an unprecedented move.

Thousands of residents have signed petitions opposing the sale and some 1,000 lawn signs have been put up around the city. 

You can learn more at:

….and on the city site at:

You can make a difference if you speak up now. During the public comment time at the Council Meeting, CSNA’s position will be presented. If you can attend the meeting, your presence will send a strong signal to Council.  Or, if you cannot attend, take a few minutes to send an email to our aldermen and Mayor.  For CSNA residents, the two key aldermen are 7th Ward Ald. Jane Grover ( and 6th Ward Ald. Mark Tendam ( Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl is a resident of the 7th  (

Click on any of ther maps below for a larger view:

What all is involved?

The very center of and public access to four historic parklands.  For a clear picture of all the park lands and the organizations involved around Gross Point Lighthouse and the beach on the map below...

Gross Point Light area parks

What did the city originally proposed to sell?

0.87 acres

A strip of lawn immediately surrounding the Evanston Arts Center including the historic former Harley Clarke home and coach house. Public parking and access are maintained along with 65% of Lighthouse Landing Park.

What does the Pritzker plan propose to buy?

2.5 acres

Virtually all of Lighthouse Landing Park including the public parking lot.  The proposed public parking would be on Pritzker owned property and there would be no publicly owned access to the Lighthouse Beach.  The park area to the immediate north is owned by the Lighthouse Park District and is not under the control of the City of Evanston.  According to the Pritzker plan a new three story structure will be built overlooking the beach and a 57 room hotel and event center will be part of the complex including the home.  The proposed 200 car underground garage is for Hotel guests only according to Executive Session minutes:


What is the impact on Lighthouse Landing Park?

Lighthouse Landing Park is at the center of a complex of parks providing public access and parking for all ... It disappears...