City Committee to Consider New Eastwood Plan

On the agenda of the City's Site Plan and Appearance Review Committee (SPAARC) for tomorrow, Wed., Aug. 31, is a proposed amendment to Ordinance 7-O-07 to "construct a 4-story, mixed use development with 78 residential units and 12,315 sq ft of retail at 1700-1722 Central Street."
1700-22 Central is the site of the former Evanston Theater. Our coverage of the developer's discussion with CSNA in June is on this website.
A presentation to SPAARC is a preliminary step in getting approval of a development. Here, because the last development approved, the 52-condo-unit "Eastwood" project, was for a different plan, the developers need a change in Evanston law to proceed. Typically, at SPAARC, plans and drawings are presented and the committee makes a recommendation to a City Council committee. The process can proceed very quickly or get bogged down, depending on how much the proposal varies from existing law, and other factors.
Residents are allowed to attend SPAARC and to comment on proposals. Because any building of this size will impact the neighborhood, CSNA is monitoring the process to ensure that the hard work and thoughtfulness reflected in the Central Street Master Plan, the overlay ordinance, and other laws such as the Evanston Green Building Ordinance are respected.


For an update on this project as it came out of the 8/31 SPAARC meeting, see Update: SPAARC OKs Upsized Eastwood Project.