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Bluegrass on Central

Central Street has a burdgeoning Bluegrass venue and some great music.  Former Evanston resident Chip Covington has assebled a roster of great talent and a really user friendly venue--the American Legion Post 42 hall next to the Chandler Center at 1030 Central.  Beer is $3.00 and Pizza $8.00 and you don't have to be an AL member.  The upcoming schedule includes:

CSNA 4th of July Central Street Parade Float

Rain couldn't dampen the spirit. It was a day for celebrating our Independence and for enjoying the Blues. Many thanks to John Nance and Chainsaw Dupont, the band and the umbrella angels. If you enjoyed the music, join CSNA and march with us in the parade next year!

Evanston Voter Registration Drops in 2009

Evanston lost 569 registered voters from 2005 to 2009.
That's not a lot but the story is in the details. Here below is a list of gains/losses by ward sorted by size.

Did Evanston voters send a message on Tuesday?


Is there a political machine that controls Evanston Elections? Some have proclaimed that every winning candidate had the backing of Jan Schakowsky and Julie Hamos. Similar lists of elected or former elected officials appeared on multiple candidate support lists and brochures. Many winners did have such support.

But, maybe there was also a message that can be found in the campaign issues…. and the positions of the candidates ...that would explain the outcome.

What Evanston Needs Now - by Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith wrote a letter to the editor that appeared recently in the Evanston RoundTable. I thought it was worth repeating here. It's about two pages long...click 'Read more' to see the complete article.

"What Evanston Needs (And Doesn't Need)

Recently, a community leader asked me, "What do you think Evanston needs?" This huge question can't be answered in one conversation, but looking back at the last few years, here are some starters.

What Evanston needs are more leaders who regard every citizen's concerns as deserving consideration, regardless of their neighborhood. What Evanston does not need are opinion leaders - elected, community or media - who exploit differences between neighborhoods or constituencies, or seek to pit one against another....


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