Evanston Theater Marquee Circa 2000-2005


The "Evanston" logo disappeared sometime during the demolition process and must be a coveted possession in some local basement or frat rec room.

North Branch Library Circa 1955 #2


Students gather at the checkout desk.

Other Groups

Many groups have formed to address neighborhood and Evanston-wide issues. Click the name of any group to find out what is new in the other neighborhoods of Evanston:

Council Approves Master Plan Zoning for Central Street

By a vote of 9-0 the City Council approved all the proposed zoning changes resulting from the Master Plan implementation process. Jeff Smith, President of CSNA, read a statement at the Council meeting Monday 1/28 immediately prior to the vote. In his statement Jeff thanked the city staff, the commission members and the council for a successful process. "In a time of cynicism, it's been an uplifting and invigorating process and it shows that citizens can make a difference"

North Branch Circa 1955



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