1233 Central St IMF view 2-20-08


The Bahai office building owners (1233 Central St.) are applying to the Evanston Zoning Board of Appeals for changes to the size of the parking lot. Added details are here:

CSNA July 4, 2007


CSNA.. .ready to march July 4, 2007

Ev. Hospital Plans 5-Story Cancer Wing

The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on Tue., Feb. 19, 2008, will hear an application by Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Corp. for a special use to construct a new cancer care wing on its property at 2650 Ridge, which is in an R4 General Residential and oH Hospital Overlay zoning districts. ENH proposes to demolish the existing one-story Kellogg cancer center and replace it with a five-story building.


Alternate Universe in North Evanston?

This picture, allegedly of Harrison St. looking east from Hartrey, was submitted to us by a member who claims that at one time, this region had streets with visible asphalt, trees full of leaves, an outside air temperature fit for human life, and a large yellow disc in the sky that provided warmth and light. We at CSNA think this member must have spent too much time at a Schaefer's wine tasting, because here on Planet Frozenslush it is hard to imagine anything ever existing besides shades of gray, from ground to sky.



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