Summary of Central Street Plan Zoning Ordinances

On January 28, 2008, the City Council unanimously passed two ordinances, 5-O-08 and 6-O-08, that, combined, change zoning in the 2-mile long "Central Street Corridor." Zoning is the City law that determines what can be built where. The passage of these important ordinances was the largest change ever applied to so long an expanse along a single thoroughfare in Evanston, and was the culmination of over a year of visioning, planning, hearings, and negotiation,

Chase Bank Parking Lot Circa 1970


This antique store was located in the 1900 block of Central Street, just south of the alley next to the current Hog Eye Music. The store building no longer exists; the site is now the landscaped northwest corner of the Chase Bank parking lot. This picture was taken from in front of what is now Prairie Joe's.

4th of July Parade Circa 1950


Looking East on Central from the CNW tracks. The parade is just starting.

Jordan's Snack Bar Circa 1970


Now it's Prarie Joe's. Next door is Tony's Barber Shop

Stadium Theatre 1950


711 Ocean Drive with Edmund O'Brien is playing at the Stadium. It's the summer of 1950.


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