Two New Restaurants Add Flavor to Central Street

Central Street, among those who know, is already a destination for foodies. The cognoscenti, from gourmets to gnoshers, flock daily and especially on weekends to Great Harvest, Bluestone, The Spice House, Pinto, Jacky's Bistro, Jilly's, and Foodstuffs, among others.


Ald. Moran to Discuss Tower with Neighbors This Sunday

Nancy & Jeff Smith will host a meeting with 6th Ward Alderman Eb Moran on Sunday, Mar. 2, from noon until 2:00pm, at which residents will have an opportunity to discuss the proposed 49-story skyscraper at 708 Church St. downtown. CSNA members and 6th Ward residents are invited to attend. Please RSVP if you plan to come.

Community Meets with Three Crowns Over Project Issues

Below is a copy of the report from the meeting community representatives had with the Three Crowns and city folks Feb 26. Since the entire report is a tad wordy, I've tried to summarize it here at the beginning.

If you live near Three Crowns on McDaniel, I think it will be worth reading. It will also offer a bit of insight into the city's involvment with the issues we're wrestling with in the neighborhood.

Who Am I?


At least 10 different species of warm-blooded animals frequent our neighborhood, including this fine specimen I spotted waddling around this winter during a brief thaw. Who is it? Maybe a CSNA board member playing possum on this website....


1233 Central St IMF view 2-20-08


The Bahai office building owners (1233 Central St.) are applying to the Evanston Zoning Board of Appeals for changes to the size of the parking lot. Added details are here:


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