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Spot Resurfacing on the 2000 Block of Central St.


Newly-resurfaced road and parking striping on the 2000 block of Central Street, done a week before the 2008 4th of July. Looks like someone was hurrying to get this done before the parade :) But it sure is smooth.

2008 4th of July Parade


CSNA members in the 2008 Independence Day parade acknowledge the support of the throngs lining Central Street. Click here for more (incl. video).

CSNA in the 2008 Evanston 4th of July Parade


CSNA's second foray into the Evanston Fourth of July parade was as fun as our 2007 debut. Our old "Save Central Street" sign got an update.

I'm A Steamroller, Baby


By Tue., 6/24/08, new asphalt was already being rolled in place over the sections of Central Street that had been scraped and grooved the day before.

Central Street Receives Spot Resurfacing


Several portions of Central Street were scraped down several inches on June 23, 2008 in preparation for resurfacing

Central Street Road Repair 6-23-08


Signs on 6-23-08 advised of ongoing road resurfacing

GreenFest Chicago 2008


The crowds and large number of exhibitors at GreenFest filled the Navy Pier exhibition hall on May 17-18, 2008.

New Firehouse Nears Completion


The new firehouse on the 2800 block of Central St., photographed last week (early June 2008).

McDaniel Place signage

McDaniel Place, June 2008


McDaniel Place, slated to be a 6-unit condominium development across the street from Ackerman Park. Click here to read the June, 2008 story. For an update and to see how the building had progressed by late 2009, click here.


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