Wine & Cheese On the Way to West Central St.?

[Note: see newer article, 4/16/2011, for update on plans]
Residents walking or driving by 2800 Central St., the former site of (most recently) Blockbuster Video, may have noticed work in progress and a building permit notice for the store, now vacant two years. City Site Plan and Appearance Committee ("SPAARC") notes reflect that a "Type 1 restaurant" application is pending, courtesy of the property owner, Spencer LeMenager, with Mitch Dulin of Winnetka the proposed tenant.

 A Type 1 restaurant means dine-in as opposed to carryout service, but SPAARC details show discussion, besides restaurant space to hold 40-50 people, for a delicatessen/wine/cheese shop. One city official has described the food offerings as "high end." My understanding is that the restaurant would also plan to sell specialty cheeses, sausages, and wines and/or craft beers at retail. The multi-use nature of the business is similar to that permitted by Class S licenses under the existing Evanston liquor laws, but that license classification is currently limited to downtown, indicating that a change to the liquor ordinance will be required. Otherwise, either a restaurant or deli is within the B1A classification for the property.

Physical plans call for limited changes, by replacing the cedar siding with stone, changing the mansard roof to green tile from the asphalt shingles, and installing awnings. Whether the half-dozen noteworthy stone architectural cartouches that currently grace the exterior will be preserved is unclear.
Neighborhood old-timers say that the building was originally a restaurant, with a ribs-and-steak focus. Reportedly, old grills remained in the back throughout the building's subsequent career as a video store during most of the past couple decades. An additional restaurant and low-key watering hole would complement Central Street's emerging specialty food theme, and there is currently nowhere between Schaefer's on Grosse Point Rd. and Dominick's on Green Bay to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner, and, while there have been BYOB offerings in this stretch of Central Street 3/4 mil west of Green Bay, and a long-pending liquor license for Old Neighborhood Grill, as of now there's nowhere to sit down and order a brew.
SPAARC voted unanimously to approve the preliminary and final plans.
[Note: see newer article, 4/16/2011, for update on plans]