In a stunningly clever move on Tuesday the aldermen of the Planning and Development Committee guaranteed more green space along Central Street. Being the master manipulators that they are, they also got a developer to pay for and maintain the green space. Brilliant!

This move was pulled off by granting the developers of the 1700 – 1722 Central Street project an additional 14 month extension on their project in addition to the extension they have already granted which doesn’t expire for at least a year and a half. The developers had to promise to plant grass and maintain the property.
This move virtually guarantees that this will be green space for a minimum of four years. I believe that at that time the developers are hoping the market has improved and they can then sell the land to someone else. We will then start the whole development approval process over again which will mean additional time this green space will continue to exist. We could keep this up ad infinitum!
Be sure to call your aldermen and compliment them on their “green” vision of the future on Central Street and their eco-friendly actions.