Message from John & Dia Walsh (John is CSNA President)

Sorry for the late notice, but this information is important.

Join your neighbors of the Central Street Neighbors Association in appearing before the Plan Commission on Wednesday evening, August 13, at 7pm at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Avenue.

The Plan Commission is set to consider a City staff proposal that would strip from the Zoning Ordinance a protection enacted in 2007 to ensure neighborhood integrity and quality of life in the face of real estate development in the Central Street neighborhood.

The Central Street Master Plan, unanimously adopted by the City Council in 2007 after a consultant's study that cost the city some $200,000, prohibits "site development allowances" for planned developments in the "Central Street Corridor" district.

City staff will recommend to the Plan Commission that the ban on these "site development allowances" be eliminated, thus stripping the neighborhood of security and protection it has enjoyed for the past 7 years. The reason behind this City staff recommendation is a proposal to redevelop the property at 1620 Central Street, across from Mustard's Last Stand. Though no formal proposal has been submitted for zoning analysis, an architect's concept suggests side yard setbacks that are less than allowed under the Zoning Ordinance, creating greater density than is currently allowed.

Last year, the City touted the Central Street Master Plan when the American Planning Association named the Central Street area one of the "Ten Best Neighborhoods in America." It's time to remind the City staff of the wisdom and months of hard work that went into the creation and implementation of the Master Plan. Come out Wednesday night at 7pm to the Plan Commission and voice your support for the neighborhood and the Master Plan!

John & Dia Walsh