Should the City Sell Chandler Center and other Public Properties? June 16th 6:30 Ecology Center

Come and bring your questions to the Ecology Center at 6:30 this Thursday the 16th. What is the city thinking of doing with our Evanston properties?
In addition to fire safety issues, Alderman Grover may be able to shed some light on why the City seems to think it is OK to cut services such as the Chandler Center, Ecology Center, and Jans/Govern golf course -- which all happen to be located in north Evanston. The City actively worked although those branches supported literacy and community spirit. Now it looks like the arts and recreation are not important. I think these services are what makes Evanston a great community.
Our property tax dollars support all Evanston services, just like the Levy Center, Robert Crown, Fleetwood, Beaches, Main library, Civic Center, etc. 
Evanston is a city of neighborhoods and neighborhood services; that is why people come and pay the prices for the houses and the taxes they pay. If the services are only Downtown, Main/ Dodge Robert Crown, Oakton/Dodge Levy Center and James Park, Foster /Fleetwood and lakefront, that hardly seems to support the idea of neighborhood services for all.