Eastwood Project Parking Requirements

There is going to need to be a significant increase in parking if the units go up to 78.

According to the zoning for business districts, for each 1 bedroom unit there should be 1-1/4 spaces; for 2 bedroom units, 1-1/2 spaces; and for 3 bedroom units there should be 2 spaces which would mean that there should be a minimum of 97 spaces if ALL the units were 1 bedroom, which they will not be.

If the units were split evenly between 1, 2 & 3 bedrooms, there should be 123 spaces, and that does not include parking for retail or restaurants which range from 1 space per 350 sq. ft. to 4 spaces per 1000 sq ft. for type 1 and 2 food places.

How many spaces are being provided for, and what is the variance which will be requested? I don't know that we do or not need all the required spaces, however, residents should be properly informed of zoning requirements and requested variances and then decisions would at least appear to be transparent.

It is a positive move that the alley clearance is up to approx 19.5 feet which is just under 20 ft. requirement for fire access roads for buildings more that 150 ft as stated in the 2003 fire code which Evanston adopted. Kudos for safety.