Ald. Moran Expected Not to Seek Re-Election

Sixth ward Ald. Eb Moran, who has served on the City Council for the last 17-1/2 years, is expected to soon announce his decision -- perhaps as early as tonight's Council meeting -- on whether to run for another term. Well-placed sources in the ward believe that Eb has made up his mind not to seek re-election, but declined to state that on the record, in deference to allowing the long-serving alderman to make his own announcement and express his reasons.

Meanwhile, two other ward residents, Mark Sloane and Mark Tendam, have announced their intent to run for the seat.

Tendam, a graphics entrepreneur, previously ran for alderman in 2004. Sloane, with a financial background, is a member of the Central Street Neighbors Association.

In other wards, Ald. Steve Bernstein (4th) has already indicated he won't be running again. Ald. Liz Tisdahl (7th) is running instead for mayor, and at least four other candidates have stepped forward, with Junad Rizki the latest to indicate he will run. It is believed that Anjana Hansen (9th) also will decline to run for another term. If Eb joins his colleagues from 4, 7, and 9 in stepping aside, the nine-member Council will have at least four new members come this spring.


Ald. Moran did indeed announce, at the end of Monday night's Council meeting, that he would not be a candidate for re-election.