Spring Community Day a natural for Central Street shoppers

Shoppers on Central Street did not have to spend extra to support local organizations on Saturday during Spring Community Day, where 25 participating businesses donated 10 – 20 % of their sales to 11 organizations and nonprofits.

The day’s set-up proved to be successful as a whole, Todd Rupenthal, co-owner of Happy Husky Bakery and president of Central Street Business Association, said. The participating organizations “did the legwork” by advertising for businesses, businesses gained more customers and then customers would choose which organization to support as they made their purchases throughout the day.
   Marilyn Price, an Evanston resident who was shopping during Community Day, said she agreed that participating supporting local organizations was easy because Central Street is already such a natural shopping hotspot.
   “Central Street is such a unique combination of stores; they all build off each other,” Price said. “There’s nothing you can’t get here.”
   Community Day was sponsored by Central Street Business Association and Central Street Neighbors Association and helped to benefit various local organizations, such as Haven Middle School PTA and Evanston Public Library Friends. This was the second Community Day organized by Central Street Business Association; the first was held in fall 2011.
   Bogdan Rogalski, owner of Oliver’s Trains & Toys, a new toy store on Central Street, said his business benefited benefitted from Community Day and the shopper-friendly location of Central Street overall.
   “One of the reasons we opened the toy store was because a spot opened on Central Street,” Rogalski said. “It’s the best shopping location in Evanston; I couldn’t ask for a better place.”


It has been a sincere pleasure for the Central Street Business Association to Co-Sponsor "Spring Community Day on Central Street" with the Central Street Neighbors Association.  I have to say that this event was tailor made for the two groups to work togther.  CSBA is very grateful for the financial sharing of putting on this event as well as "the feet on the street" that assured that this event would be a great success.  From all early reports, it definitely was just that.  I commend the officers of the Central Street Neighbors Assoc.  for staying on top of all their tasks and making my job much easier.  I look forward to having this opportunity again in the future.  (Maybe 4th of July, Hint Hint)  Thanks again to all who participated. 
Todd Ruppenthal  -  President
Central Street Business Association  -  CSBA

Thanks, Todd, our pleasure. Everyone seems to feel it was a success. CSNA believes in a community of residents and businesses working together in synergy, and some good causes were helped in the process!