Three Crowns Parking Improved ... Lighting Still to Come

It has been some weeks now since I've passed around an e-mail about what's happening at Three Crowns. I connected directly with Susan Morse for an update on parking and the lighting issue which I've copied in below.

From my perspective though, I can only say the change to the traffic situation on Grant Street has been incredible ... in a good way. We can actually park in front of our house again almost anytime now that the valet parking is in place. Short of some marjor change at Three Crowns though, my guess is that something like this is going to be needed for quite some time.

But I'm only in one small corner of the area. How are things in your part of the neighborhood?
Rob ... "The parking program is working fine from our end. We intend to keep the program in place as long as necessary.

I was told last week that the sample light would be arriving in 2 weeks. As soon as received, the electrician will install. I’ll let you know when it arrives and is in place. In the meantime, shields were installed on the existing lights."

Susan Morse

Thanks, Rob, and congratulations to everyone who was able to dialogue on this and help move toward at least an interim resolution. I do feel that Three Crowns is a model of where a ZipCar or I-Go car-sharing would free up a lot of the built p[arking; it would be a challenge to sell, because seniors are not the typical demographic using car-sharing.