Where to put Central St info?

There is a section on this website called "Discover Central Street." It was originally in the top menu; Jim has relocated it under "Get Informed." My idea was to make this a user-friendly portal to/for the neighborhood, and also to fulfill our clearinghouse role, with links to and/or about useful neighborhood stuff like
-- the post office
-- the library
-- businesses
-- schools
-- churches
-- organizations
-- transit
this would be especially useful for newcomers.
My first step was the transit links.

Would this be more useful as a top-level section or should it remain buried where it is?

BTW I originally called the menu item "Everything Central Street" but I didn't like the way it looked. I am open to better ideas:

"Explore Central Street"?
"Central Street 24/7"?
"To Think That I Saw It on Central Street"?

Marketing geniuses, don't be shy.