Pipe of Death Removed from Green Bay (UPDATE)

Since I bike a lot, a year or so ago I noticed, on the northbound side of Green Bay, just after you cross the canal, this pipe or section of old rail jutting out from the fence. It was usually partly hidden by the foliage. I mentioned it to a few folks and it seemed to disappear. I figured it had been removed or sawed off. Recently it reappeared.


Upon closer inspection I discovered that it was stuck in the fence and couldn't can't be moved by hand. I am guessing that someone banged it back into the fence, but that over time the vibration of traffic on Green Bay and from the train causes it to slowly inch outward.


As you can see it stuck out a good foot into the roadway about neck-high to a bicyclist, hence my nickname for it, since someone going full speed could get decapitated, especially if hugging the curb to avoid traffic. I'm sure that it scratched up more than one vehicle and probably took out a mirror.


I notified a couple aldermen and the City and UPRR -- I believe this is their land -- in the hope that someone could do something about it quickly before someone got hurt badly. I am pleased to report that it was removed promptly. The City acted extremely quickly once notified, which speaks well of our new city manager.