Taylor Street Shuts Its Doors

Taylor St. restaurant at 2916 Central St. closed after approximately a year of operation. A notice on the door about a week ago indicated nonpayment of rent, and the fixtures were emptied out quite rapidly. Another Central Street merchant advised me that health issues of one of the owners had played a part; neighbors had noticed for quite some time that the grill's hours were somewhat irregular, making it hard for patrons to make eating there a habit.
CSNA enjoyed a wonderful evening at Taylor St. soon after it opened, and I've had a couple meals there since. The return of some food establishments to this portion of Central Street was a welcome addition; Rose's Bakery, Hartigan's, and The Old Neighborhood Grill continue to provide a nice selection of quick, easy, and affordable meals and snacks within walking distance for thousands of residents. We wish both the Taylor St. proprietors and the landlord of 2916 well, and look forward to an exciting new venture in this convenient and historic location.