Pix! We have pix!

Site visitors will notice, I hope, that the random image feature (in the upper right of your screen) has returned. Pictures stored in one of our Image Galleries appear in random rotation. Clicking on any picture takes you to the image file where it's stored and, if you wish, leads into the Gallery. Every time you click on a picture a new one takes its place.


Unfortunately, about two months ago, in a freak cyber-accident, our hosting service suffered a rare outage just as our file system was being backed up. This corrupted the fle structure and we've been frustrated at being without our well-liked graphic feature for some weeks. But thanks to some pick-and-shovel work by Jim, we're now all good again, and pix of people, buildings, scenes, and animals from Central Street and elsewhere in Evanston are ready and available for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! and advise us of any broken links.