Other Groups

Many groups have formed to address neighborhood and Evanston-wide issues. Click the name of any group to find out what is new in the other neighborhoods of Evanston:

  • Evanston Public Library Friends Evanston Public Library Friends is an independent, community-based organization dedicated to strengthening Evanston Public Library's innovation, leadership and neighborhood outreach.
  • Citizens for a Greener Evanston holds informative and entertaining panels, and works with residents, businesses, institutions, and the City to help Evanston reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and overall carbon footprint.
  • Southeast Evanston Association Established neighborhood group active on issues in southeast Evanston as well as issues affecting the entire city.
  • Evanston Coalition for Responsible Development Formed in 2007 to address development issues in Evanston; was actively involved on the proposed 49-story (later, 38-story) skyscraper at 708 Church Street as well as downtown planning.
  • BranchLove Dedicated to the preservation of Evanston's Branch Libraries

  • Friends of the Civic Center Evanston residents who believe that keeping Evanston city government operations in the current building at 2100 Ridge makes more sense than selling the historic building and land to a developer and building elsewhere
  • Preservation League of Evanston  Recently-revived organization dedicated to educating public on cultural and tax benefits of preserving historic, landmark, and other existing structures