Save the Haven Middle School Name!

While we wish to honor Mayor Lorraine Morton in a city-wide way, we do not wish for the name of Haven Middle School to be changed. There is no reason to erase important history when there are unnamed buildings that would serve the ENTIRE community that can be named in her honor. We originally proposed to name the soon-to-be-renovated library media center at Haven in her honor and we wish to continue to do so without changing the name of the school. Please comment or join us in this discussion! The D65 Board of Ed will be discussing this on Tueday, Feb. 17th at 7pm. They will be voting within the next 2 weeks...maybe as early as next week. We want to fill the room Tuesday night. More information regarding this can be found on Facebook at "Keep the Haven Middle School Name" and in the last several editions of the Evanston Roundtable online. To have your name added to a petition you may email Nicole Marks at or sign the petitions at Top of the Track coffee shop. We appreciate your support.