Evanston has embarked once again on its budgeting process.

On Saturday, January 10, 2009 at 9:00 in the Council Chambers at City Hall there will be budget workshop. The budget itself is some 600+ pages.

I would encourage all citizens to attend this meeting to hear how much more the city is going to charge you to live here and where they propose to spend your money.

I was not kidding in my earlier post about the need for draconian cuts in the budget. I would dare say that there are entire programs that should be eliminated. Why are we duplicating health services provided by the county?

The city needs more money so they raise your taxes. Where are we supposed to get it? Can you go to your employer snd demand more money to cover it? Of course not! In these economic times you adjust and manage to live within your means. The city MUST do the same!

I can here the outcry now...WE WILL SPEND NO DIME BEFORE ITS TIME!

Hope to see all of you there.