I wanted to Draft Jeff Smith for Mayor

Hi Barb:

Unfortunately Jeff Smith is not running for mayor, nor will there be a draft as I contemplated for a short period of time,

At our last CSNA board meeting I had asked Jeff to run, he declined and I asked him to please keep the door open. Over the next week I spoke to about 150 people, CSNA members and non members, who said they would like to see him run, so I had the packet picked up at the City. Unfortunately, Jeff was called by the media within a few hours of the packet being picked up at the city and before I let him know that I was getting prepared in the event that we could change his mind.

He would have been a wonderful addition to the Evanston government, bringing a wealth of knowledge, dedication and integrity to the table. I believe that he would have represented all Evanston residents with the vigor and determination.

I do think that his thoughts and voice will be a valuable contribution to our city in whichever role he pursues. It will be an interesting race and whoever wins has an opportunity to change the climate in our city and strive unite the various interests by making this government more transparent and asking the questions which need to be addressed. I am looking forward to some interesting debates.

Best wishes