Jeff Smith Is Not Running for Mayor of Evanston

Reports that I have "declared candidacy," like those of Mark Twain's death, were premature. I have not been, and have no plans to be, a candidate for mayor of Evanston in 2009.

Many I respect -- former and present elected officials, community activists, and ordinary Evanstonians – suggested and even urged the race, some even pulling petitions on my behalf to start a draft, sending unsolicited campaign contributions, or offering political support. It's an honor to be considered for leadership in one's hometown, and I had to honor that sentiment by giving it serious consideration. However, that race is not the best fit at this time, for numerous reasons. One is that I sense the community shares my yearning for a strong common-sense residents' advocate; however, as currently constituted, the role of Evanston mayor limits such activism.

With a new President, we all have new chance to work for progress. Besides various special election or primary race possibilities, non-elected public and private service opportunities abound. Evanston and our larger community need involvement and advocacy at all levels. Dynamic change in the White House must be matched by change in Congress, Springfield, Cook County, and our own city. I expect to remain as active as possible. I am deeply moved by those who've thought I could contribute to municipal governance, and hope that all who long for more responsive government across-the-board will join me in continuing to work for such change.


While I for one would have liked to see you run for some local office, I can see why the mayoral seat would not be the highest and best use of your abilities. I personally thought you would have been able to accomplish more for the city as an alderman.

Through the work I have seen you do both locally and over the presidential election season, I am confident that all of Evanston will continue to benefit from your never tiring attention and fortitude in any arena that most compels your attention.

Best Regards - Trish

Jeff, Mary & Trish,

Thanks for your clarification; it was very helpful.

One question the CSNA Board may wish to consider: does CSNA plan to come out with an endorsement for Mayor, 6th Ward alderman, and 7th Ward alderman?

Barb R.