Jeff--Are You Running for Mayor, or Not?


I'm sure that a great many CSNA members would appreciate a clear answer as to whether you are running or Mayor, or not.

You are consistently listed by the "Evanston media" as one of the candidates for Mayor, yet your public comments have continued to equivocate on this point (e.g., you have not picked up a nominating packet, but "someone" has done so on your behalf).

I have spoken to a number of CSNA members who have at least preliminarily pledged their support to one of the four self-declared (as opposed to media-declared) candidates for Mayor. As the December 18 deadline for submission of candidate paperwork is just over a month away, I'm sure CSNA members would appreciate a clear and unequivocal response from you.


Barb Rakley


Barb, thanks for your interest. I read Evanston media a little different than you, because neither the Review, the Daily, or the Sentinel reported my running, Bill Smith reported accurately that I didn't expect to be running, and the Roundtable accurately reported my statement that I was leaning against running. I've been consistent since last spring in that, weighing what could be done with the office against the limitations, as well as what that commitment might preclude. I've also been consistent in saying that I was more actively exploring other possibilities, but that my first priority was the Nov. 4 elections, and that any decisions on politics were pretty difficult until those results had shaken out (which is still occurring).

I refrained from final refusal only because I love Evanston and so many urged me to keep an open mind and not slam the door. Politics has surprises. Petition filing deadlines are far enough away that any candidate with true grassroots support would still find that no obstacle. And sometimes declared candidates drop out.

CSNA was formed for the community, and CSNA members were and are completely free, as individuals, to back whoever they want. Or to call me if they have questions. I'd be inclined, rather than rush to commit, however, to see what positions candidates take first.

A political decision has consequences not just for candidates but for their family, and their community. As one who has been sometimes critical of hasty decisionmaking, I thought it important to hear all voices, and I trust you respect that.