City Puts 2022 Central Street Property up for sale

On Nov. 10, 2008, the city of Evanston is auctioning off one of the properties it (we) owns on Central Street.

The property at 2022 Central Street is next door to the Library (which is not included in the auction). Both buildings are owned by the city of Evanston (or, you could say, owned by all of us, the residents).

The auction will be a sealed bid auction. How and where is this being marketed, and why is the time frame of announcing this to the date of the auction so quick?

I would like to know if many residents knew this was going to happen and were aware of the pros and cons of this decision. It may be an excellent decision - I am just surprised, as a resident of the ward where the building is, that our alderwoman didn't give us a heads up.