Old Neighborhood Grill Debut Nears

The owners of Old Neighborhood Grill, in the old CDK Mortgage space at 2902 Central, are targeting an October 27 date for opening. I was given a peek at the interior construction ongoing; the place looks to be cozy with kind of a homey, rustic flavor; combined with owner Teresa's description of the cuisine as "diner," I got the image of the neighborhood joint in "That 70s Show" or even "Happy Days."

The menu sounds extremely timely for this economy, targeting families or couples who want an evening out without having to tap a line of credit, and featuring American staples such as hot dogs, burgers, and fries, but also some heftier fare such as Greek chicken. Look for nothing to be over $10, and a lot of it much less.

Together with Taylor Street and Rose's Bakery, this will bring to three the number of dining choices in the mid-section of Central Street's business districts, up from one a year ago and none as of three years ago, all within walking distance for hundreds of residents. We wish them all well!

[ed. note: this story has been updated. Click here.]


I've been to Old Neighborhood Grill maybe 4 times, and Jeff's description of it being "cozy, homey, and rustic" are pretty spot on.  The people are very friendly and the food is quite good.
Oh, and we also had Adaman West (formerly Daruma, where Rose's is now), and New Day Cafe (where Taylor Street is now), both of which I believe were here three years ago.  Still, it's nice to have three places up from two =)

Indeed there was Andaman West and the New Day. But I think that in the gap after Daruma closed and before Andaman opened,  New Day had not yet appeared. I would yield to CIty permits here for an exact chronology :)
Now, however, we're up to 5 choices within a block:
-- Taylor Street in the old New Day location
-- Rose's in the old Daruma/Andaman space, now offering pizza later in the day
-- Old Neighborhood Grill
-- Hartigan's Ice Cream is serving dogs and other food mid-day and seems to be doing a pretty robust business
-- Casteel Coffee now serves lunch as well as coffee
There is a trend of stores doing more to leverage their space. A lot of folks don't realize, for example, that in addition to breads you can get breakfast rolls, coffee, beverages and sandwiches through lunch at Great Harvest. I need to add it all up but I think you could eat lunch every day on Central Street for 3 weeks without hitting the same place twice.