Residential Burglary Alert - 'Make your house look lived in'

It's that time of year. October and November last year saw the advent of a spate of burglaries of homes and vehicles in North Evanston. The EPD has just issued an update of burglary prevention stretegies based on lessons learned from that experience. Here below is the bulletin. Use the 'Read more' link to see all the stragtegies:

Evanston Police Department
Richard Eddington, Chief of Police
1454 Elmwood Avenue, Evanston, IL. 60201
(847) 866-5000

Residential Burglary Prevention

The City of Evanston’s Detective Division arrested 3 subjects for residential burglary. During interviews, it was learned that the North end of Evanston is easy prey for vehicle and residential burglaries. In other words… they indicated that residents leave their doors and windows open to their vehicles and homes. Please take notice to the Burglary Prevention Tips below.


• The #1 prevention tip is to make your house look “lived in”. Never let items pile up in the mailbox or on the porch. It sends the message that no one is home or watching the residence.

• Arrange with a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail, newspapers, and garbage cans. They live in your neighborhood & know what looks suspicious in the area.

• Do not stop the mail or paper delivery. You never know who is taking the call on the other end.

• Make arrangements with trusted friends, neighbors or family to cut the lawn and maintain the landscaping.

• Set automatic timers for interior & exterior lights, radio and TV’s. Turn the ringer down on the phone. A ringing phone alerts others that no one is home.

• Leave your window shades in “normal” position, or have your “house-watcher” move the window shade positioning throughout your vacation. Do not close the blinds.

• Lock your valuables in a safe deposit box or fire safe. Document all valuables via video tape and place this & important serial numbers in safe deposit box also.

• Notify the police department and request a special watch or vacation watch. Let police know which vehicles belong at the residence.

• Lock all ladders, lawn supplies, etc. in the shed or garage.

• Take your garage door openers out of your vehicles. Remove important papers & documents with personal information on them. Have vehicles moved on occasion, so as to not be parked in one spot all the time.

• Make sure your burglar & fire alarms are in working order. Test them with the alarm company make sure your alarm company has an updated call list.

• Secure your windows by “pinning them” & place a security bar in the track of your sliding glass doors.

• Leave emergency contact information with the police or a trusted neighbor.

• Consider forming a neighborhood watch program. If interested contact crime prevention 847-866-5019

• If you see a suspicious person trying door handles or looking into vehicles, call 911 or the non-emergency number 847-866-5000.