Mark Sloane Announces for 6th Ward

Mark Sloane, a resident of the 6th Ward, has announced he will be running for alderman. Mark has been a member of the Playground and Recreation Board for over six years. He has served as chair and recently began his second five year term as a member. Issues before the board during his tenure have included: the Lake Front Master Plan, the Crown Center rehabilitation and redevelopment of the Evanston Township High School field house. Mark is Chief Financial Officer at a Chicago area media marketing agency. He and his wife Judy live on Hartzell St. and have three children in Evanston schools. A 12 year Evanston resident, Mark also served for eight years as a member of the Parks and Recreation Board in Culver City, CA.


I have not yet met Mr. Sloane, but I am pleased that someone with a strong financial background is running for alderman. It has been obvious for some time that the current Council lacks the financial acumen to perform the types of meaningful probes into financial issues which are necessary to further the City's financial health. Two striking examples are, of course, the under-scrutinized ERI plan--which no one appears to deem a succcess--and the police/fire pension fund debacle.

I look forward to meeting Mr. Sloane.

--Barb Rakley