Who Will Run Against Moran?

I note that Trish Steiglitz was able to offer names of several people who may run for 7th Ward alderman in 2009.
I have been asking the same question with respect to the 6th Ward and have received no responses. Surely someone is considering running against Eb!
For planning purposes it would be extremely helpful to know who, if anyone, is considering running for 6th Ward alderman.
If you prefer to contact me off the CSNA board, please feel free to do so at barbrak1@aol.com.

Barb Rakley


I agree that someone should run for alderman in the 6th ward who will provide an alternative to Eb Moran. After last year, it is clear to many of us that our current alderman is not interested in representing the wishes of his constituents. That's his right but it's also our right to vote against him if he does this. But, no alternative will be available to us if no one enters the race. If someone enters the race, I'm sure many of us will be more than thankful and will help him/her get elected.

Peter Sanchez