Civic Center getting a new roof

The upcoming City Council meeting will consider the recommendation of the Civic Center Committee that a new roof and related repairs be made on the 2100 Ridge building. The exact wording of the proposed agenda item is:

(A3.8)*Approval of Civic Center Roof Replacement Project

Recommendation by the Civic Center Committee for the City Council to direct staff to proceed with the preparation and issuance of an RFQ/P to solicit proposals for architectural and engineering services and construction contracts for the replacement of the existing slate shingles, low slope roof membrane, gutters, railing, and flashing on the Civic Center. Funding for this project provided by the Capitol Improvement Program.

The CC Committee came to this decision after realizing that a) the city does not have any money for a new CC, and b) they have no where to move to even if they did have the extra $50M to $75M. Hopefully, the city will continue to move forward with other needed repairs and renovations to make this grand old building a source of pride within our community.

John B. Kennedy