Fountain Square Tower News Links

Here are some news articles on the planning for the proposed Fountain Square Tower (708 Church St.):

2/5/2007 Rules Committee meeting minutes:

2/27/07 EvanstonNow: “Sherman Plaza may have company:”

3/27/07 Rules Committee meeting minutes:

4/20/07 EvanstonNow: “New Record Height Sought Downtown”:

4/26/07 EvanstonNow: “Fountain Square tower plan unveiled”:

4/27/07 EvanstonNow: “Wedding Cake or Fallen Souffle”

4/27/07 EvanstonNow: “Treat tower, plaza separately?

4/30/2007 EvanstonNow: “The Proposed Fountain Square Tower”:

4/30/07 EvanstonNow: “ Tower Would Topple Zoning Limits”:

5/4/07 EvanstonNow: “Downtown Condo Buyers Profiled”:

5/4/07 EvanstonNow: “Planners open to tower project”:

5/9/07 EvanstonNow: “Residents react to tower plan”:

5/29/07 EvanstonNow: “Council asked to halt downtown growth”:

5/29/07 EvanstonNow: “Aldermen back downtown moratorium”:

6/1/07 EvanstonNow: “Wynne Pans Tower Plan”:

6/6/07 EvanstonNow: “Northeast View of Tower”:

6/6/07 EvanstonNow: “North Side of Tower”:

6/6/07 EvanstonNow: “Approaching Fountain Square”:

6/12/07 EvanstonNow: “Alderman impose downtown moratorium”:

7/6/07 EvanstonNow: “Developers Show Tower Model to City”:

7/18/07 EvanstonNow: “Fountain Square tower plan pulled”:

7/20/07 EvanstonNow: “Angry neighbors turn off developer”

7/26/07 EvanstonNow: “Downtown Plan Found on Shelf”:

7/26/07 EvanstonNow: “Illinois Attorney General says: Produce the Tapes”:

7/27/07 EvanstonNow: “Review to Begin for Condo Tower”:

“8/2/07 EvanstonNow: “ Tower developers meet neighbors”:

8/8/07 EvanstonNow: “Tower developer acquires Hahn building”:

8/9/07 EvanstonNow: “Design group backs tower plan”:

8/29/07 EvanstonNow: “ How Tall is Too Tall For Evanston?”

9/11/07 EvanstonNow: “Downtown Business Mix Debated”:

9/21/07 EvanstonNow: “Tower Gets Business Backing”:

9/21/07 EvanstonNow: “Tower picks up more parking”:

9/24/07 EvanstonNow: “Planners split on Tower”:

10/11/07 Evanston Now: “Tower Downtown Plan Slip Together”:

10/11/07 EvanstonNow: “Study new buildings wont snarl traffic”:

10/17/07 Envanston RoundTable: “Tower Vote May Be Delayed”

10/24/07 EvanstonNow: “Commissioners split on downtown plan”:

10/24/07 Chicago Tribune: “Evanston downtown plan promotes high-rise spire”:,0,3242591,...

11/1/07 Chicago Tribune: “In Evanston, voices rise over City Council's high-rise dealings”:,...

11/7/07:EvanstonNow: “Downtown Time To bar the Door”:

11/12/07 Evanston City Council Minutes: “CITIZEN COMMENT: Robert Atkins, 2005 Orrington Ave.”:

11/13/07 Evanston RoundTable: “Closed-Session Minutes Show Support for Fountain Square Rehab”:

11/15/07 EvanstonNow: “Developers Sought Co-Venture With City”:

11/16/07 EvanstonNow: “Tower Plan Gets a Shorter Base”:

11/16/07 Chicago Tribune: “Evanston tower foes say meeting's minutes show council violated law”,0,5230342....

11/17/07 EvanstonNow: “Council Deadlocks on Moratorium”:

11/24/07 Chicago Tribune: Evanston downtown plan revealed”:,0,5099270....

11/28/07 Evanston RoundTable: “Architect Presents Modifications to Tower Proposal; Citizens and Panel Speak of Benefits”:

11/28/07 Evanston RoundTable: “A Bad Reflection on City Council”:

11/30/07 EvanstonNow: “Downtown: Behind The Drive For Growth”:

12/11/07 EvanstonNow: “Aldermen Saw Tower Model in February”:

12/11/07 EvanstonNow: “Council Lets Downtown Moratorium Expire”:

12/12/07 Evanston RoundTable: “Plan Commission Approves Tower Plan”

12/12/07 Evanston RoundTabel: “Editorial: Misacrony”:

12/13/07 EvanstonNow: “Plan Commission Approves Tower”:

12/13/07: EvanstonNow: “Tax districts get performance checkup”:

12/13/07: Evanston Review: “Plan Commission backs 49-story tower”:,ev-tower-121307-s1.article

12/20/07 EvanstonNow:"Chief douses tower fire claims"

1/9/08 Evanston RoundTable: Opinion: "Concerns Over High-Rise Safety"

1/23/08 Evanston RoundTable:"Preservation Included As Part of Downtown Plan"

1/23/08 Evanston RoundTable: Opinion: Uglification, Squared"

2/6/08 Evanston RoundTable: Opinion: "Dissatisfaction With Condo Built by Tower Developers"

2/11/08 EvanstonNow: "Tower Debate Moves to Aldermen Tonight"

2/12/08 EvanstonNow: Aldermen Delay Tower Debate Until March