CSNA Rocks the 4th

The Central Street Neighbors Association enjoyed 2 miles' worth of cheers and applause while reciprocating with enthusiasm and some of the best music in the 2008 Evanston 4th of July parade. Taking advantage of perfect weather, our merry band of directors, members, and other supporters showed off our logo and

presented a positive message, all to the backing soundtrack of our friends in Soap, featuring ETHS alum Skyler Krapf ('03) on keyboards.

This year some of the he-men on our Board were able to lower the panel sides of our truck, making it more of a float, and showing off the band to greater advantage. CSNA thanks Meyer & Meyer Construction for their generosity, and the makers of WD-40 for a great product.

Lots of folks came together to pull off our entry, which is like a show, taking some work behind the scenes to make sure it presents as if it were no trouble at all. I tip my hat to those Board members who chipped in backstage!

To see and hear some of our experience, click the arrow in the video below.