Should the 7/11 on Ewing be allowed to operate 24 hours a day?

7% (1 vote)
93% (14 votes)
Total votes: 15


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Beyond the 24/7 issue, several people close to this controversy have suggested that the 7-11 corporation will also apply for a license to sell liquor. (Generally it's thought that 7-11s make most of their profits selling cigarettes and liquor.) If this is true, most of the neighbors in the area are likely to take a dim view of it. We all need to stay on top of developments and make sure our our opinions are heard by Ald. Moran and the zoning commission as well as Northwest Evanston in general.

And we should all keep an eye on the store. Yesterday, while walking up Ewing to Central St., I was dismayed to see a large poster in the 7-11's front window hawking cigarettes. I'm no lawyer, but I wonder if such a poster may violate state or community ordinances about tobacco advertising.

(Later: In-store or window tobacco posters do NOT violate state r city ordinances so far as I have been able to find out. All the same, such posters are not exactly desirable, are they?)

Am I dating myself? Is this like saying I remember when there wasn't an Internet? Seriously, they're not called 24-7s or 12-12s.