7-11 Update

The Building and Zoning Department of the City, after considering written evidence as to the past practices of the former White Hen store on Ewing south of Central, has required the new 7-11 management to close their doors at midnight.

Zoning Administrator Bill Dunkley advises residents that the 7-11 is allowed to operate as a convenience store without a Special Use permit only if they present no greater impact (such as floor area or operating hours) as the former White Hen, i.e., a "Substitution of Non-Conforming Use." In order to no longer be considered non-conforming, the 7-11 needs a Special Use permit (granted by the City Council), on which the Council could apply conditions.

7-11's corporate owners reportedly will submit an application for such a permit this week, triggering a hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals, of which all property owners within 500 feet will be notified. The ZBA's recommendation then goes to Council, who will decide whether to grant the permit and, if so, under what conditions.

Dunkley also suggested a direct dialog between neighbors and the 7-11.