Update on the NU Stadium: Lawsuit Proceeds in Part

The university’s demolition of its historic 1920s football stadium is nearly complete. NU plans to build a temporary facility on the lakefill for, at minimum, football games, which the City will likely permit. Meanwhile, litigation by stadium neighbors challenges the legality of the Council rezoning. At least one count of the lawsuit will move toward trial, although the court on April 19 dismissed some procedural counts, finding that five votes of the 10-person Council were sufficient to pass the zoning amendment. That could be appealed. The Evanston Roundtable has kindly posted most of the important documents in the lawsuit online in a Cloud file (click to view).

CSNA had input into the NU-City agreement of just a few years ago that limited mass concerts. We opposed the recent dramatic re-zoning of the stadium neighborhood into an entertainment district, and support the legal effort of Most Livable City Association.