My comments to Rules Committee Mon. July 17, 2023 regarding zoning approval process memo

"Mayor Biss, Chair Nieuwsma,  Council Members, Thank you for the opportunity to comment on Agenda Item D1 regarding the process for Land Use Commission recommendations. I’m Jim Hughes, 2518 Hartzell St.

"The 7/17 memo from  legal staff  outlining three options for this process states that 'Under the City Code, there is no direction to send these items to the Planning Development Committee.'

"I read the city code and there is such reference in sections 2-19-1 the Purpose of the LUC and in Section 2-19-4 regarding LUC Powers and Duties. Both these sections appear consistent with the original ordinance establishing the LUC … ordinance 92-O-21.

"From my reading …  the need to change the code is an inaccurate premise.

"I would also like to suggest that the council keep the current process as clearly  outlined in the code and seek more input from the public before considering removing zoning decisions from our nine elected officials and instead solely tasking nine appointed residents.

"Thank you."