“Reimagine Ryan Field” Project Next on Tap

As you probably know, Northwestern University (NU) has begun what will likely be over a year of planning, conceptual design, and design development for the rebuilding of Ryan Field.  The stadium was built in the 1920s, and is showing its age.  Don’t worry, the stadium isn’t falling down and the construction is at least a year away from starting.  We are so early in the process that there is no information available regarding capacity, design, renderings, footprint, construction, or schedule.  The stadium will not be a dome, which is a major disappointment for some. (Read more.)

Part of the earliest planning and study work that is now going on is a geotechnical investigation (soil borings) that has been sampling and testing soils all around and within the stadium.  A land  survey of the property is also happening. NU is now negotiating with a lead architectural firm to perform the design work.

Less visible, but of greater value to the Central Street neighborhood, is the establishment of a working group by the University and 7th Ward Councilmember Eleanor Revelle.  The group consists of four residents, one from each of the cardinal directions around the stadium, as well as NU and Eleanor Revelle.

The earliest effort for the working group (not a replacement for the general public input, hearings, etc.) is to gather neighborhood concerns, deficiencies, wants, and needs.  Each of the neighbor representatives have been soliciting input from residents from their respective areas since March.  The “lists” of resident input will be posted soon on an NU project website that is under development at this time.  The site will include the ability for concerned residents to provide their input, find out more about the project, and sign up to receive NU announcements, feedback on concerns, and other project information.   The site may be found at https://nusports.com/sb_output.aspx?form=49.

If you’d prefer to provide a concern or two to the working group, feel free to contact working group “south” representative Carl Bova at carlbova@comcast.net.  Also, you may participate at the next 7th Ward Meeting, to be held in May.  Watch for Councilmember Revelle’s newsletter for the next meeting date.