Wed. Sept 22nd 5/5th TIF Community Organized Zoom Discussion with TIF Expert Tom Tressor for the Civic Lab

Proposed 5/5ths TIF Financially Impacts Every resident in every ward and deserves full exploration before council members rush to approve a 23 year financial commitment which involves 10s of Millions of dollars and over 14 acres of public land and the Civic Center. 

 Join your neighbors for a discussion, Q&A & Action

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STOP The 5/5th’s TIF Vote by Council on  Sept 27th 2021

*Tax Increases  *Displacement  *Lack of Community Input

*Diverting Public Funds  * No Plan

*Evanston’s 5/5th TIF is wrapped around the false promises of addressing the harm against the African American community.

*The City of Evanston’s 5/5th’s TIF proposal ignores the community’s interest in being a collaborator for ANY plans for the fifth ward.  There has been NO PUBLIC support for this TIF from residents.

*Over $185,000,000 of your tax dollars have been diverted from the general  and school funds to the 8 TIF slush funds.

*The 5/5th’s TIF proposal lacks transparency. Residents deserve to know who, what and how development will occur.

*Although the 5/5th TIF impacts every person in every ward, only a couple of council members have discussed the 5/5ths TIF with their residents at ward meetings.

*The area within the 5/5ths TIF proposal is not blighted nor is it a conservation area . The neighborhoods either meet or exceed the development happening in other neighborhoods in Evanston.

*The 5/5ths TIF does not meet the  “IF NOT BUT FOR” rule; the concept that without the TIF, no development would happen. Development is happening in and around the TIF area.

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