Stop the Rush for Demo of Harley Clarke? Mon. July 23 7:00 City Council-Come show your support

The day is here. Tonight, the Evanston City Council is scheduled to vote on the proposal for demolition (no longer deconstruction) of OUR house, the only public house on the lake, Harley Clarke!
Today’s URGENT actions:
Please contact your alderperson with a phone call or an email.  It is very important that they hear from you - in past critical meetings, several alderman cited the number of constituents who had contacted them that day. You can share your hope that they will do the right thing by voting against the proposal for demolition.  Reaching out in wards 2, 4, 5, and 9 is especially important.  Personal notes are powerful and words matter. Ask that they support the will of the people who support Harley Clarke. Make us proud.  All we need is FIVE VOTES AGAINST DEMOLITION tonight!
Possible talking points to include:

  • Harley Says Relax. There is no reason to rush demolition, let’s wait until after the referendum vote, and let the people have a voice.
  • More time will allow time for an adaptive reuse plan to develop to viability.
  • Demolition is not a financially responsible solution

Tonight, it’s time to PACK THE HOUSE!  The Harley Clarke vote will be considered at full council, which will start after the two committee meetings that begin at 6:00 p.m.. Hard to tell you what time to show up - sometimes committee meetings are 11 minutes long, sometimes they are hours. Please wear your blue shirts (there will be shirts available) and if you have your rally posters, bring them along!
Thanks for staying engaged. Bring friends. Look for us on the Socials and share, share, share. 

To everyone who signed our referendum petition and especially to the rockstars who circulated petitions, THANK YOU!  In just 10 days, we collected well over 3,000 signatures! It was incredibly energizing to participate in an exercise in citizen-initiated democracy, and to speak with thousands of Evanston residents about the merits of preserving HarleyClarke.

For the latest news, please review the Chicago Tribune's Sunday article here:

"The agreement would likely not pay for all the costs of the project. Jeff Coney, a member of Evanston Lighthouse Dunes, the group seeking to tear down the mansion and coach house, said its offer is a flat $400,000. That would pay the estimated costs of about $300,000 for demolition, $73,000 for permits and other requirements, and $16,000 for tree removal, he said, but any further costs, such as for the dunes restoration and landscaping, would be the city’s responsibility.” 
Chicago Tribune
July 22, 2018