Central Street Traffic Safety

We've just had our second near-miss with a reckless driver on Central. Today (6/16/2014) a red pickup came speeding out of the parking lot of an auto repair business on Central near the fire station and the Harris Bank Branch, very nearly striking our car from the right side as we headed west on Central, then tailgating and attempting to pass.

Had families been walking along the sidewalk there on the way to Hartigan's, this could have been very bad. This driver pulled out without any possibility of stopping and had very little visibility of the sidewalk due to the parked cars at the service station.

The earlier incident, on 4/15/2014, involved a large white SUV that sped through a red light at Central and Central Park just missing my wife and daughter as they drove into the intersection on the green light, heading north.

I have seen many incidents of cars turning into pedestrians just to the east, at Hartigans.  

I'm wondering if store owners on Central are concerned enough about the safety issues there to insist on further actions to calm traffic along Central, and whether they'd be interested in organizing to have a voice in this issue.

For my part, I'm not driving or walking on Central Street any more, whenever possible. Maybe that's our solution. I don't think that is good for business, but I really think the danger there is getting out of hand.